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I’m Louise Streets, an experienced property finder concentrating on West Kent and East Sussex in the UK. I work only for you, the buyer.

For the last eighteen years after moving down from London, I have been enjoying life living on the outskirts of Tunbridge Wells, having grown up in and attended school in Sevenoaks. As such I have an extensive knowledge of the area that comes from a first hand experience of day to day life in the area. I spent fifteen years as a fund manager in the City whilst at the same time buying and selling flats and helping friends find properties for themselves in London and Kent.

Today I take great pleasure in being a property finder, helping buyers find their ideal property in West Kent and East Sussex including Tunbridge Wells, Tonbridge and Sevenoaks areas and down into East Sussex.


Kent Home Finders is a discreet, bespoke, professional property finder service for buyers looking in Kent and East Sussex, offering you the local view. Specifically focussing on finding homes for sale in Tunbridge Wells, Tonbridge, Sevenoaks and the surrounding villages and beyond.

If you are frustrated spending precious time and energy searching for and viewing uninspiring properties, you will appreciate having a local expert property finder do the hard work for you.

With a clear realistic description of your requirements, we can work towards finding the house you are looking for. All backed up by an inside knowledge from someone who has lived and worked in the area for most of their life.

Working solely for you, the buyer, there are no compromises or conflicts when using a property finder, just a personal search based on your criteria.

There are many ways of approaching your property finder search including excellent access to off-market properties and private sellers alongside agents, word of mouth and great contacts. Possible properties can be viewed instantly.

Together we’ll find the home you’re searching for.


- Viewing Properties

Once we have agreed on an achievable plan the search process begins. This involves tapping into an extensive breadth of contacts from agents to off-market possibilities, contacts, auctions and other property related leads. I can view any possibilities as soon as access is available and keep an ongoing constant dialogue with yourself on how the search is going and if there is a property you should view. This ensures you don’t waste any time viewing unsuitable houses. The search is very flexible, it depends on what you would like, how you would like to approach it, how I can help you and this often morphs over time depending on your circumstances and the state of the market.

- Negotiation, Offer and Purchase

Once we find your ideal property we will discuss the best way to negotiate a sensible price based on current market trends, location and your budget. When a price has been agreed, as your experienced house finder, I can help you with the conveyancing process including liaising with solicitors, estate agents if applicable, mortgage brokers and other parties.

Being a house finder, my experience of the market and knowledge built up over years often means that you, the buyer, can secure a purchase price that takes care of your fee.

As you know, the moving process can be rather drawn out and potentially stressful. There are many people to keep in contact with and it can be made much smoother with me as your central point of contact, but of course this would be totally up to you.


Please do get in touch to talk through your search and my fee structure. I can only work for one client with a similar search at any one time and will only take on a certain number of client searches where I am sure that I can provide them with a full service.

In addition, if you would like help with recommendations for schools, solicitors, mortgage professionals, design and build specialists, planning applications, interior designers, garden designers, roofers, cleaners or removal companies (to name a few!), I would be very happy to help you. These would all be independent recommendations.

Effectively, Kent Home Finders aims to make your move as smooth and successful as possible. All clients are different and I offer a totally bespoke house finder service.

Kent Home Finders is a member of the Property Ombudsman.

Please do get in touch with me for an initial consultation to discuss what you’re looking for. I would be happy to explain my house finder service in more detail. I specialise in the areas of West Kent and East Sussex in the UK, including Tunbridge Wells, Tonbridge, Sevenoaks and further afield. I look forward to hearing from you.
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