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We believe in a smarter way to buy your home, for everyone - with a personal advisor to help you at every step of the buying journey

About Us

Our Story

It all started when Claire Whisker and her family set out in search of their forever home…

“I launched First In The Door after my own personal and unsatisfactory experience of buying property in London and in the countryside.  Like so many homebuyers here in the UK, I found the process incredibly stressful with gazumping and last minute price negotiations, delays and sales falling through and a seemingly never ending quagmire of estate agents, lawyers, mortgage companies, surveyors and planners to navigate.

If you are selling your home, you have an estate agent on your side to help you achieve the highest price for your property and to get the deal over the line but there is no one to represent the interests of the buyer.  It’s probably the biggest investment you’ll make in your life but there’s an unlevel playing field which massively favours the seller.

The idea of First In The Door initially came to me during the pandemic when we were looking to move to Somerset to be closer to family.  We were frustrated at missing out on the best homes or not getting to see them at all and it was actually an estate agent who suggested we speak to a buying agent. Who knew?!  Like many of us, I could name 20 or so estate agents at the tip of my tongue but, back then, I struggled to name 1 buying agent. A lack of brand and industry awareness means most homemovers are completely unaware of the value a buying agent can bring to the process.”

Fast forward 12 months or so and First In The Door was born to spread the word and to help homebuyers save time, money and stress with a personal advisor to help them at every step of the way – complete with VIP access to pre-market properties and private home sales.

A Perfect Home
For Us All

We proudly dedicate 10% of all our profits to Hope and Homes for Children and support their mission to eliminate the need for orphanages by finding a loving family for every child.